Explaining Mattress Topper Size And Thickness

A full size mattress topper enables your full size mattress to provide additional comfort. However, it’s still better having one made from memory foam. This is possibly the best material for a mattress pad or topper, and procuring one can save you of the expense of a full memory foam mattress.

A usual mattress topper is 3 inches thick. People often use them to soften the effects of too firm a mattress that may lead to back pain and sleeplessness. Mattress toppers are available in different sizes, depending on the size of your bed. You may have them in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes.


The advantages of a foam mattress pad include heat sensitivity, body molding and ergonomic backing. Many materials can be used for such mattresses and these include organic cotton, wool, latex and other hypoallergenic materials.

You get many brands of toppers and pads of varying qualities. The ones with not so good quality are naturally not as effective. That’s because the materials used have a low density. The better quality ones have a higher density and are preferred by most consumers.

You often come across people and articles telling you to be aware of the memory foam density of the mattress while buying a memory foam mattress topper, without telling you what exactly foam density is. The density represents the weight of one cubic foot of the material, meaning that a density of 3lb would means that one cubic foot of the material used for its construction should weigh 3 lbs. That means the higher the density, the more will be the material used for manufacturing that particular mattress. So, mattresses with higher density would last longer and be more comfortable too. A mattress with a density lower than four can’t be expected to last for long.


As higher value of density means more of material, the mattresses with more density would be costlier. You should also know that all memory foam mattress toppers are not temperature sensitive as it depends on the manufacturer. You should not overlook that one of the key features of the best full memory foam mattress topper is its sensitivity to temperature.

While buying such mattress, care should be taken to buy a standard sized mattress topper only, as non standard sizes shorter by 6-8 inches are also available that may not fulfill your requirements.

You may get additional information about sizes of foam mattress toppers and such by being on the Internet, so conveniently approachable any time of the day or night, that’s 24X7 for you. Different brands of toppers offer different features, though many features are common amongst all those. So, it’s important to know what you expect from your mattress before you set out to buy the best one for you.

What matters most is that you should be able to sleep comfortably and relax you body. If you sleep well and get up in the morning with no aches or pains you will remain active and productive during the day.


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